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Get on the Path to Luxury Travel Sales: Best Practices from New Luxury Advisors on How They Got Started in this Lucrative Niche and Where They Are Today - Shared screen with speaker view
TC Phelps
Here are some additional meanings for FIT FIT means Free Independent Traveler or Free Independent Tourist. An FIT is an individual (or small group of < 10) traveling and vacationing with a self-booked itinerary. FIT travel is. not done as a member of a traditional guided tour.
hi my name is Stephanie, i’m a fairly new agent with Nexion. i’m considering moving into the luxury biz. i was wondering what the panels opinion is on having multi-lines within a small travel agency? what i mean is - is it detrimental to a luxury client if you as an agent/agency provide all sorts of travel? like do they prefer a luxury only travel agency? since im starting small, obviously - would it be wiser to focus on luxury only to be more attractive to that market?
Joan Shutts
Do you have any pointer on how to announce the big price number for your clients trip?